Мовна школа
Viva Vox
Language school
Viva Vox

Probably the best language school in Lviv

• Great location in the heart of Lviv

• Qualified experienced professional teachers

• Effective courses and interesting programs

• Group classes up to 7 students

• One­-to­-one classes

• All levels from complete beginners to advanced speakers

• Special emphasis on speaking

Real Ukrainian


Lviv is now an overwhelmingly Ukrainian speaking city.

You will learn how Ukrainian is spoken and used in everyday ­life, in day-­to­-day.

 You will enjoy learning Ukrainian as much as we enjoy teaching it!


General Ukrainian

All level courses from elementary to advanced

10 -15 lessons per week

It is up to you to choose a course that perfectly suits your needs and daily routine.

Business Ukrainian

The Business Ukrainian course is aimed at widening your knowledge in a specific field.

It contains 15 lessons of General Ukrainian and 5-10 lessons per week of Business Ukrainian.

One-to-one classes

One-on-one classes Individual lessons allow you to choose the most convenient time and intensity. We design each course according to your requirements.

Online courses


Individual lessons:

1 lesson = 60 min

Standard - 5 lessons per week – 75 €

Intensive - 10 lessons per week – 150 €

More than 10 lessons per week, per lesson – 11 €

Groupe Classes:

1 lesson = 60 min

2 - 7 students per group

5 lessons per week - 25

15 lessons per week - 70 



3 week course

45 lessons 200 €

3 lessons per day

1 lesson = 60 min

Accomodation if needed (not included into the price)

Sightseeing  (not included into the price)

 Application form 

If you have studied Ukrainian before you can complete the Ukrainian language placement test. Download the test and fill in with your answers then send us on our e - mail vivavox.com.ua@gmail.com.

Ukrainian placement test




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